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Consistently attention-gripping. In both his lute playing and his singing Rans gives the pieces the pace, freshness and immediacy of popular music, which many of them were in their days.
Classical Guitar, 1987
Paul Rans sings and plays with solid proficiency and musicianship and an especially good tone on the lute (which, in the do-it-yourself spirit of this recording, he made himself).
Lute Society of America Quarterly, 1990
Paul Rans, cantante liutista e membro storico dei RUM … uno dei più famosi gruppi di musica popolare delle Fiandre ed un riferimento obbligato per chi fa musica popolare a queste latitudini.
Cous Cous, Giuigno 1999
More than any other singer Paul knows how to be convincing in a historical song.
Goe Vollek, 2004
Antje De Boeck and the Paul Rans Ensemble brought a surprising but beautiful combination: poetry by Hugo Claus and songs from the Gruuthuse Manuscript … More than convincing.
De Standaard 12-05-2003
Paul Rans and Ambrozijn: It’s not because some songs are a few centuries old that they have to sound that way.
De Morgen, 2003
The biggest success of the Flemish groups was reserved for Paul Rans and his band. It was kind of moving to see how the public received his songs and well-spiced stories with special enthusiasm. (Feestival Gooik)
De Standaard, 1999
A heart-warming concert
Amerfoortse Courant, Netherlands
An agreeably forthright and unaffected way of singing and expert lute playing
Early Music, London
Musicians in heart and soul.
De Standaard, 1992
Honest and pure as the flame of a candle
Paul Rans is a fine lute player and has a voice which, with its hard to define timbre, suits this instrument perfectly. He delivers his songs with much variation and a sparkling sense of humour.
De Standaard, 1988
Paul Rans, a very organic and charismatic singer.
De Morgen, 1988