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Paul Rans: voice and lute

Philippe Malfeyt: lutes, theorbo, hammered dulcimer, guitar, voice

Piet Stryckers: viols, fiddle, cello, hurdy-gurdy, voice

Paul Van Loey: recorders, flute, tin whistles, dulcian


From the early Middle Ages to the 20th century Flanders has been a favourite battlefield for its more powerful neighbours.
Songs about war and peace, from long and not so long ago.
The second half of this concert programme focuses on the first world war,
featuring newly written songs as well cabaret repertoire and anonymous songs from 14-18.

Paul Rans, vocals
Philippe Malfeyt, guitar
An Van Laethem, violin
Paul Van Loey, flutes
Piet Stryckers, cello

Antwerp Songbook

Published in 1544 and soon after on the index of prohibited books.



Mit desen nyeuwen iare

Christmas in Flanders ...




Songs from the Gruuthuse Ms., Bruges,

end of 14th century

“Most of all I was touched by the simple and intense version of the Paul Rans Ensemble ... the intimate and restrained voice of Paul Rans who turns this poem into a poignant lament.”
Guus Middag (The Hague, April 2012)

De Geuzen (The Beggars)

Songs from the Resistance to Spanish Rule and the Catholic Church in the 16th c.


A la RUM

Paul Rans: voice and lute

Marc Hauman: voice, guitar and percussion

Jokke Schreurs: guitar and voice

Wiet Van de Leest: violin, tenor guitar and voice


An Van Laethem: fiddle, baroque violin, voice
Philippe Malfeyt: lutes, hammered dulcimer, cittern, voice
Paul Rans: voice and lute
Claude Flagel: voice, hurdy-gurdy, percussion
Piet Stryckers: bass and tenor viol, cello
Olle Geris: bagpipes, voice
Paul Van Loey: recorders, whistle, dulcian, voice

Three Scenes of War /Trois tableaux de guerre / Drie oorlogstaferelen

Songs about the Wars in Flanders’ Fields


Van Antwerpen tot Parijs / De la Seine Ó l’Escaut:
Common Roots in Flanders and France



Wiet Van de Leest - Dirk Van Esbroeck - Paul Rans

Also with Juan Masondo and Vera Coomans



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