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A la Rum

     In the early seventies three young musicians - Paul Rans, Wiet Van de Leest and Dirk Van Esbroeck - found they had plenty in common and started what was to becom the legendary band RUM. They clearly had captured the spirit of the times amd became extremely popular, not only in Flanders but well beyond Belgium's borders.

     After their first two LPs they were joined by Argentinian guitarist Juan Masondo and singer Vera Coomans and released two further LPs. But nothing lasts forever and the Rum story also came to an end.

     In 2005 Universal released a longbox with the first four Rum LPs on two CDs plus a DVD with TV recordings. This brought the original members back together, they even toured with the Laïs girls and also gave some performances on their own as a trio. However, fate had it that Dirk became very ill and he died, far too young, in May 2007.

     Paul Rans, Wiet Van de Leest and Jokke Schreurs first worked together in a number of concerts commemorating Dirk Van Esbroeck. In that programme they picked out some old Rum hits to honour Dirk and they decided they'd like to take this further. That is what they do now in 'A la Rum', performing old Rum songs but also plenty of new material. Jokke and Wiet often throw themselves into very exciting instrumentals and to complete the harmony singing the trio has been joined by Marc Hauman.

     With Paul and Marc two of the best singers in Flanders are together on stage, and with Wiet and Jokke two of the most brilliant instrumentalists.

     'A la Rum' delivers gripping voices as well as instrumental fireworks.

Paul Rans: voice and lute

Marc Hauman: voice and guitar

Jokke Schreurs: guitar

Wiet Van de Leest: violin, tenor guitar, piano & voice


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